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Donate to the 1965 Class Fund. These funds will help defray the cost of reunion, and any leftover funds will be kept for future class projects. Donate online or by check.


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 48.3%

A:   424   Joined
B:   453   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Stephanie Misaki (Whiting)  3/22
•   Michael (Stan) Kozubek  3/15
•   Alex Posner  3/15
•   Wes Ward  3/2
•   Doug Clay  2/18
•   Joseph Jung  1/29
•   Jeannette Madsen (Campbell)  1/28
•   John Church  1/28
•   Bonnie Wolsky (Greene)  1/16
•   Norma Rothstein (Zuckerman)  1/16
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Helen Miller Weinstein and I have been looking for venues for a late summer reunion.  We have had no luck in finding one that can take us on the weekends in September that were under consideration.  We also could not find three classmates that could help send out a mass email to all classmates to find out how many would be interested in attending.  Without that information, it would be difficult to determine how large a room we would need for our group.  Also, there is a resurgence of Covid to contend with in determining how safe we can be in a large group.  Planning would need to start earlier in the year next time.  We hope that you will all ((near and far) be enthusiastic to volunteer to help us with emails and planning next time.  You do not have to live here to do that!  We are sorry to say that for those reasons we will not be having a reunion this year.  Be thinking of what you can do to help next time.  Thank you for your understanding.

Helen Miller Weinstein and Meg Sheridan Schmidt

I am sad to announce that the planners have decided the August 2020 Reunion event should be postponed until, hopefully, 2021. We believe that in view of the current pandemic, holding an event for people who are 72/73 years old, whether the event is indoors or tented, would be irresponsible.

Hello classmates: I am excited to announce the publication of my debut book, Saving the Light at Chartres: How the Great Cathedral and its Stained-Glass Treasures Were Rescued during World War II (Globe Pequot/Stackpole Books 2020), available now from booksellers. Learn more at about the rescue of the cathedral’s famous stained-glass windows as the war began and about the American Army Colonel who is credited with having saved the cathedral in August 1944 a few hours before his death, a courageous man little known to Americans but honored annually by the citizens of Chartres.

We are aware that some of our '65 classmates and their spouses have been contacted by a man seeking information and purporting to be writing a book.  He uses a variety of false names and phone numbers.  Some who have received the calls have found them disturbing.  If you are contacted by this person, we suggest you hang up.  If you engage with him, he will likely persist.  If you feel threatened, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Our classmate, Sidney Caselberry, found this video of our last football game - 1964 Evanston vs. Oak Park. ENJOY!


ETHS Class 0f 1965 70th Birthday Party - 6/24/2017


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Please Contact Us  if you have announcements you'd like us to make.


' 6 5   C L A S S   G I F T

As you know, thanks to our generous classmates, we have funds to create a '65 class gift, as well as hold some money in reserve for future class events. We agreed the best way to support the school is with an unrestricted gift for projects that are currently the ETHS Educational Foundation's top priorities, including the Gateway project and the Wind Turbine.

A few classmates jumped on the idea to have our gift recognized via a plaque at the location of the long gone, but much loved “Birdcage.”  But unfortunately, that’s not possible.  So we’ve decided to have our plaque on a bench at the Student Commons, close to the location of the old Birdcage. The plaque could read "The Class of '65 remembers the Birdcage--where memories were made."
Also, we will be dedicating a brick on the path nearby in memory of our friend Mike Heropoulos, thanks to an extremely generous donation from his family to our class.  Those interested in making similar memorials for classmates can read about them at ETHS Education Foundation.
Here's a video that will show you some of the past projects the Educational Fund has made possible.  Some of our donation will go towards completing the Wind Turbine project that’s mentioned in the video.





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