Class of '65 Legacy

' 6 5   C L A S S   G I F T S

Thanks to our generous classmates, we often have funds to create a legacy via '65 class gifts.

In 2023, in connection with a class gathering at Hackneys, our class made a $3000 gift to to the new Health Science Center, which will be an incredible space for students interested in health care careers.

At the time of our 50th Reunion, we agreed the best way to support the school is with an unrestricted gift for projects that are currently the ETHS Educational Foundation's top priorities, including the Gateway project and the Wind Turbine.

A few classmates jumped on the idea to have our gift recognized via a plaque at the location of the long gone, but much loved “Birdcage.”  But unfortunately, that’s not possible.  So we’ve decided to have our plaque on a bench at the Student Commons, close to the location of the old Birdcage. The plaque could read "The Class of '65 remembers the Birdcage--where memories were made."
Also, in a nearby path, a brick was placed in memory of our friend Mike Heropoulos, thanks to an extremely generous donation from his family to our class.  Those interested in making similar memorials for classmates can read about them at ETHS Education Foundation.
Here's a video that will show you some of the past projects the Educational Fund has made possible.  Some of our donation will go towards completing the Wind Turbine project that’s mentioned in the video.