Have new grandkids? Great grandkids? Or any kind of new milestone you want to tell the class about? Well, the Planners realized that we hadn't really made a place for that sort of thing - so, we hereby introduce our NEW page where you can brag about or just tell us all about anything you do that you are proud of!

We welcome and encourage you to announce your milestones here by sending our webmistress, Mary Blackwell, your announcement along with links to any websites or photos you would like to share with the class. You can do this by clicking the Send Mary a private message link on her Classmate Profile page, or by sending her an email at


We will start things off with news from Will Aldis, who graduated with us as Will Porter.  According to Nannette Raclin, Will (who is currently living in CA) has  just published a book of his poems titled, "The Girl with the Laughing Hair." -  and he would love to share a sample poem, 

How Very Strange to be Seventy and Homeward Bound  {A love song to Evanston in C major)

Barry Sonenthal on 7/15/20`17 "Allow me the honor to announce that my daughter Staci got engaged last night in Las Vegas."